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Hi folks, welcome to my music studio. I’m a big fan of instrumental music and movie BGM’s. These are some of my original compositions.

Headphones please!
Good to listen through headphones.

Rhythms Of Pride

The word “Pride” has two meanings. Its the conflict between those two forms.

Noritia Valley

A castle known for mysterious occult powers. The clock is ticking faster rushing its way to the sunset. Mist covered all over the place. The air became very dense and it was difficult to breathe. I felt like I was taking my last breath at Noritia Valley.

Moments Untold

Love is a promise; love is a souvenir,
once given never forgotten,
never let it disappear.

Rise Of the Heavens

We are unity in diversity. We are the visionaries working for the betterment of our nation and the whole world. We are here to revamp our civilization. We stand together and wish for the rise of the heavens !


Karaoke of love song composed. Can see the influence of Hamsadhwani Raga.


If you are not one of us, then probably you are one of them. We are anarchists bringing transparency in Governance.

Starry Nights

Stars connects people on every planet. A night lit by moonlight, witnessed by stars, a lyric written from one planet take wings in another planet.

Medieval Extinction

There was a darkest period of Indian medieval era. We lost a part of our precious heritage in battle to protect our civilization from invaders.




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  1. / ReplyMartin J Joseph
    I am no music expert, but I love the pieces you compose.
  2. / ReplyRagi Raj
    Thanks for all your brilliant work. Once again your music has been outstanding....

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