Blender Coordinate System to OpenGL

Some simple transformations may require when we import a 3d model from a modeling package which uses different coordinate system than the 3D engine we use.   Though both Blender and OpenGL use right handed coordinate system,  Blender is designed to have its z axis point upwards.  So if we import a 3d model which is created in Blender with its height along Z axis, the model seem to aligned with the view direction if we try to draw it in OpenGL with the default model, projection transformations.  We need to apply some rotations, translations as well as some vertex reordering to make the geometry visually appear similar to where we have created it.

I hope Blender has its coordinate system pretty hard coded into this.  And I found this question in a few game development forums asking for a solution.

Coordinate System

Differences in Axis orientations in both Blender and OpenGL.



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